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The answer is more likely that he simply enjoys checking social media while doing his thing vs. Remember, fam: Deep.

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  • It depends on how you approach it, mkay? But, if you freak out over the different and, yes, slightly scary opps that come your way, you might end up feeling a little…stuck, in the long run. Relationship-wise, trying out new things with your partner can help freshen up your love life.

    The next new moon is on November 26, in Sagittarius. Until then, find the magic in mixing things up it's almost Halloween, after all!

    Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon - Polar Extremes & A Decisive Personality

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    Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon: A Dynamic Personality

    On October 28th, the new moon in Scorpio is happening. You can be so executive and commanding at times, and at other times your riotous emotions and sensational tendencies take over.

    The pits or the heights, with little in between, is the way that your life seems to go. Nothing you do is ever half-hearted. You are very emotional, but people may not realize this because of your natural ability to conceal your feelings.

    Scorpio Moon Sign: Personality and Characteristics

    There can be the wariness of a wounded animal when it comes to trusting the world. For this Scorpio sun and moon combination to operate efficiently, there must be a reciprocity of emotional and psychological vulnerability.

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    • This enigmatic, tumultuous lady is not one to have her nose tweaked. For all her femininity, she has the strength of General Patton.

      Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

      Nothing can defeat her except herself. Her ruler, Pluto, is said to destroy and rebuild. She has a fascination for the deep, forbidden, and the strange.