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Listen to a preview of this pivotal year. His name was John E. Sarno M. In episode astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan meet up in the studio to give an overview of the astrological forecast for December of , which features Jupiter moving into Capricorn at the start of a one year transit through that sign.

As comes to a close, there is more than retrospective meditation required for the stoner Virgo. The final month of the year will offer support and opportunity for investment in self. It wi Stoner Taurus December will unfold with an unexpected velocity. This fast paced cosmic anomaly will throw you and your canna-crew into turmoil. Puff puff pass on the stress and anxiety stoner Taurus. You can handle this cosmic fastball. But more importantly, the hectic nature of December will bring an opportunity to lead your smoke circle to sa Stoner Scorpio December will be a month of discovery.

There will be no investigation or cosmic journey required for this discovery. Sometimes knowledge and progression come through no insight or process.

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Hence, buckle up tight, twist the joint just right, and enjoy the ride. Stoner Sagittarius universal appreciation comes through positive cosmic winds in December. What a wonderful way to end , right? However, the welcome news of universal positive influence comes with requirements. Now is the time to dive deep with your inner self to contemplate, dis Stoner Pisces looking back on the year, there were plenty of highs, and perhaps more lows than you would have liked.

Not a loss, but maybe not the progress you hoped to see. Do not dismay; sometimes seeds take longer to sprout, and others ev Stoner Libra there will be showers of positivity in December. This kind cosmic influence will not be overt or obvious. In order to fully receive the rewards from the positive planetary positioning, the stoner Libra must engage clear third eye vision.

In order to spot opportunity, you must first be attentive and open to receiving it. Combust the Beaming from cosmos, the stoner Leo will be granted great third eye vision in December. This enhanced third eye vision will not give you psychic clairvoyance, but cannabis companions and smoke circle acquaintances will be deciphered under a new light. This keen cosmic blessing will assist the stoner Leo in assessing their place within the work Whether you are the friend with the kind bud, or kind words, you will be the helping hand of the cannabis crew this December. Look back to where you started the year to where you are now.

Your growth and progress i Stoner Capricorn December will be a challenging period. But during this phase, you will be the one performing the exacting actions. Stand tall my sturdy Sea Goat, this month you will bring the fight to those that oppose you. Whether you are standing against injustice, confronting a nemesis, or breaking imposing societal restraints, there will b Stoner Cancer as we transition from into the great unknown of the year to come, one thing is certain: You are going to be noticed. While the days grow darker more quickly, your glowing aura will be impossible to miss.

This means you can expect great growth in interpersonal relationships, both platonic and romantic. New relationships can gr You may feel like an exhaustive race is near the end with the finish line in sight. Breathe deep, inhale the perspective expanding magic of the sacred herb, and see with your third eye vision that the race is far from over. Perhaps December sho Stoner Aquarius you will have to grasp an interesting concept in December that flies in the face of our terrestrial programming.

December 31st marks the end of the year and the first winter month.

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We are programmed to think so much in terms of time periods. The concept of new beginnings between years, that in reality are merely minutes apart, i Listen to This Week in Astrology now -- free! Click here for complete show notes on AstroShaman. By Benjamin Bernstein. This waxing cycle is marked by the need to balance optimism with a willingness to face the work we need to do.

The Moon is gaining light and we gain understanding. By RisingMoon. I offer to you my amazing listeners, the December Meditation from my Toolbox Offering. My hope is that you will all be able to use this visualizations during the holidays and to help you cultivate peace and grounding moving into the year Once every 12 years Jupiter tours Capricorn seeking growth with goals, career, status, and authority figures, bringing travel, legal, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, or political themes to bear, and asking us what we believe in.

Tune in to hear how this will impact your sign in the year ahead! Listen to Jen and Lou rap about the energies of and around the Gemini Full Moon of , the last Full Moon of the year and the last lunation before the Eclipses. Please leave us a review! In this meditation, Renee invites listeners to engage with a deep imaginative visualization to connect with their higher selves. Have a pen and paper and a comfortable seat or space to practice in. Learn more about this meditation by reading the Embodied Astrology blog post for the Sagittarius New Moon here. Shelley takes questions about astrology and answers callers' questions about their lives.

Sweet, Scorpionic solitude awaits in the second half of the month, but it will come with a side of warm-and-fuzzies. Not only will you feel compelled to spend time at home with your loved ones, you may even want to reminisce with them about the good old days. Is your nest feeling empty, Sag? While Jupiter was in your sign, you likely felt more like yourself more adventurous, more energized, more free. Oh, by the way, now that Capricorn is in Jupiter, you need a five-year plan.

You know yourself much better now than you did 12 months ago, Sag.

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Luckily, the sun will be in your sign and fueling your can-do attitude until the 21st. But the celestial events of this month will arrive in time to show you just how good it feels to have the wind at your back. As December opens, Jupiter will move into your sign and imbue your efforts and hard work with a, frankly, uncharacteristic sense of hope.

Then, on the 21st, your regularly scheduled solar season will begin, ushering in a month-long period of self-confidence where, again, you feel like you can handily dispatch any challenge that comes your way. Besides, you may be too busy with your more platonic partnerships to log much time with your lover anyway: Throughout the first half of the month, your wider network will come a-calling with invitations and new connections that you should, on the whole, accept.

After the 9th, Mercury will be positioned just so to make your communication skills crackle in just these types of settings. A superficial streak could arise after the 20th, when your thoughts turn to your appearance and ability to attract a potential lover with as little as, say, a glance.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

This will be the moment when any flirtations will start to bubble. Tend to your home and hearth on the 12th, Pisces , when the full moon in Gemini directs your focus toward domestic matters.

alexandra tarot cancer june 2018

Starting on the 21st, Capricorn season will bounce you out of the house and into the next available office happy hour. This month-long period will present you with ample opportunities to broaden your social circle and share your ideas with those who can help you make them real.

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  4. Rest while you can, Pisces. You could be closing out with an adoring public. Was your November horoscope on point?

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    There will be lot of short travel involved away from the place of residence. As soon as the tiger has regained their sense of security their confidence also returns, enabling them to set out once more. Romance- all work and no play. Leo is very generous and indeed s he has a kind heart, a detail that pleases you.