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Whether you want to rule the world, rule the charts or make a ton of cash as a fearless business innovator and pioneer, nothing can stand in your way. Yours is a combination of practicality and intellectual curiosity. Taurus is quite musical and artistic and Gemini has a knack for words so you could be quite gifted with lyrics or a paintbrush too!

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Are you a cultured and intelligent Gemincer or Camini? This is rightly called the cusp of magic as you possess the perfect mix of intellect and curiosity alongside an uncanny intuition and a fertile imagination. Bored in an instant, your mood and thoughts fluctuate alongside the winds and tides, making you shimmery, slippery and difficult to read. Your rulers are the ever changeable, fastest moving planets, Mercury and the Moon and your elements air and water, creating a magical morning mist.

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Your rulers are our esteemed luminaries, the Sun and Moon, the perfect balance of masculine and feminine, and your elements are water and fire, creating one hot steamy situation! You can be quite the hypochondriac and a bit melodramatic too and you might find personal relationships challenging simply because of how messy they are and how exposed and vulnerable you feel in one! Your rulers are the brilliant Sun and his whizzy messenger, Mercury, and your elements are fire and earth, crystallising hot coal into diamond!

Soft spoken and polite you nonetheless possess strong critical faculties, an impeccable sense of justice and an ability to find the best solution for all concerned. The only thing?

Are there Chinese zodiac cusp dates?

You soon run away from any pressure and ugliness and suffer from procrastination and indecision. You are usually to be found right there in the midst of drama because you take a real interest in people and are passionate about fairness, getting to the heart of the matter and doing things right. The downside? Your rulers are the beautiful Venus and her dark sexy stranger Pluto and your elements air and water, creating some rather misty windows! Chinese Zodiac, wood pig, , from Valxart. Zodiac astrology wheel of life from Valxart.

Chinese Zodiac,metal monkey ,born , , Valxart.

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Chinese zodiac Wood Rat by Valxart. Valxart Licorpo for Libra Scorpio zodiac Cusp is approximately from dates October 16 to October 26 and is ruled by both Venus and Pluto with the elements of air and water.

Interpreting the Cusp Signs

Virgo Libra zodiac astrology cusp is approximately from dates September 16 to September 26 and is ruled by both Ceres and Venus with the elements of earth and air. Gemini Cancer zodiac Cusp is approximately from dates June 16 to June 26 and is ruled by both Mercury and the Moon with the elements of air and water. Valxart Taurus Gemini zodiac astrology cusp is approximately from dates May 16 to May 26 and is ruled by both Earth and Mercury with the elements of earth and air.

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The best way to deal with this confusing situation is to do an analysis that is designed for those born on the cusp. If you do a Cusp Astrology Reading you can determine if you were born on the cusp. The reading will also indicate to you the two signs that are affecting your personality and your outward appearance.

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Your Astrological Chart Cusp

If for example you are a Virgo but you slide into Libra; even though your birth date appears to be Virgo, you may very well have some Libra qualities. You may be a little more easy-going than the average Virgo in matters of organization.

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Test Now! Equally you will probably not have as difficult a time making a decision as the typical Libra. In our current era, it is always useful to know as much about ourselves as we can, and if you do happen to be cusp born it is best to know.

The cusp sign zodiac reader will allow you to find this information quickly and easily. Cusp Astrology Reading Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Tags astrology predictions.