22 january day in numerology

On the professional level, you are going to need to stop running from your responsibilities and show some maturity. To reach your goals, you first need to understand what they are! Financially speaking, the Fool indicates some important expenses.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

He also warns that you may encounter some unexpected costs, or even some overdue payments. The call to stay more grounded seems to ring out here. Also my interest in numerology seems to be increasing. My belief in angels and guides is re-affirmed with the Saw it yesterday and wondered.

I see the time all the time. Been happening for a while.

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Just last night i woke up from a deep sleep and tapped my phone to see what the time was , and guess what it was? I keep asking why not or something else: I see it non stop, what could it mean? I see the same also and wondered why…. Everytime i look at the watch and it falls on that same number over and over again…. I think it is a sign but we are not aware of. I have been wanting to enter the field of cannabis in Colorado so I applied for a desired position as a budtender today. And tonight as I lay in bed I notice my time on the phone said …i immediately felt overwhelmed with positive vibes.

So it brought me here. When I looked at the time again, the temperature read outside popped up and read 22degrees. But I believe that call of greatness is on the horizon. Synchronicitys everyday. Numbers every where!

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I am so connected and happy about this! Expecting the best! Thank you. I see a synchronization of mirror hours almost times daily. I wonder why and what could be happening. For many years now the numbers At first I just thought it was coincidental and dismissed these thoughts. Over the last 14 months since I quit A very stressful job the numbers Tonight for the first time I actually googled these numbers and was overwhelmed with the information I found.

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I have always been on the fence with religion and the afterlife but my eyes have been well and truly opened to the segnificants of these numbers. These lectures are great-! They just explain me as I am…. Like to read more. I was watching a tv series on Netflix the other night and paused it real quick to get something. When I came back I looked at the tv and I had paused it at exactly minutes in.

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  4. Today I was watching another episode and someone called me so I paused it. Again right on I am depressed ,lonely and dont know what im doing with my life —. I have been seeing this for at least last 10 years a few times a month. And it is not biological. I just look at the time in the eveing when driving or in town and there it is. Been seeing sporadically for over 30 years…but last week, kept popping up. The bill came to and I burst out laughing. Your email address will not be published. Mirror Hours Angelic Interpretation of the Hour Influence of the Archangels on What does mean in Numerology?

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