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It continues to get him nowhere. The vision of sceptics measuring love under a microscope is amusing to say the least, especially since we all know love exists, we can feel it and that is its proof.

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We also know there are chemical changes in the body when we fall in love, but have you ever seen a proven test proving love, or the reasons for its existence? He is also the Director of Veritas Research Program which looks into the human energy system. We are organized energy and we are emitting this energy into space.

We are as persistent as the light from those distant stars. The probability that our light and information continues is the same probability that the light from distant stars continues. He is also a visiting lecturer at Cornell University, where he is a Trustee Emeritus. Ken has been acknowledged for his outstanding speaking ability and contributions to the world of management and training.

He has his own newsletter, Profiles of Success, and is a contributing editor to Executive Excellence newsletter and Positive Living magazine. Blanchard earned his B. South Dakota Politics Mystic Dwarfs and Judicial Review - - - At last we have an explanation for one of the great mysteries of American constitutional law.

From MSN. He told. The Supreme Court said it was not within its expertise to conclude that Floro was insane, but. Now consider the following language from Griswold v. Connecticut: Specific guarantees in the Bill of Rights have penumbras, formed by emanations from those guarantees that help give them life and substance.

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See Poe v. Ullman, U. Various guarantees create zones of privacy. Life and Substance? For a long time I. Surely such terms can have no meaning in constitutional reasoning. Now the scales fall from my eyes. Justice Douglas was channeling for mystic dwarfs. Justices Armand, Luis, and Angel co-wrote the opinion.

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A Candidate For The Ninth Circus Court Rhymes with Right - May 3, This guys rulings would make as much sense as most anything that comes out of the Ninth Circuit, which is the most overturned appellate circuit in the country:. And if we count the dwarves, perhaps we could make Senators Boxer and Feinstein happy about the number of California judges on the court, provided Judge Florio and his companions decide to live in the land of fruits and nuts. After all, sounds like they would fit right in.

A judge in the Philippines who claimed he could see into the future and admitted consulting imaginary mystic dwarfs has asked for his Supreme Court job back after being sacked.

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This may be the kind of breakthrough in international law that our leftwing looney judges have been waiting for! Imagine the kind of decisions they could arrive at, if only they were allowed to read entrails and cast chicken bones. Maybe what this former judge needs to do is sit back and wait for an opening on the ninth circus court here in the US. Then, instead of consulting. Alive On All Channels "Ministry is the profession of fools and clowns telling everyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see that life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be entered into.

A Dwarven Elemental Mage. Have you looked at all into the story that's on the wires of late regarding the Philippines judge who has "Mystic Dwarfs" advising him? Seems like it might lie on that patented Rigourous Intersection of the Government and the Weird. The Supreme Court said it sacked Judge Florentino Floro, who worked in the Manila suburb of Malabon, after psychiatric and psychological tests concluded he was not fit for the job. Floro, who told a courtroom that he has psychic visions, also claimed he can appear in two places at once and is able to inflict pain on corrupt officials using his paranormal powers, the Supreme Court said in a statement.

It said Floro admitted he believes in duwendes a Tagalog word that means mystic dwarfs and that he has a covenant with his dwarf friends Luis, Armand, and Angel. But What About Freedom of Religion? I know this took place in the Philippines but I just want to make a point. If our president and Supreme Court Justices can consult with and seek the advice of imaginary beings, why cant a judge in the Philippines? Delusion is delusion. Vaughn, New Orleans, of the Noumenal. Net is a tarot reader and collector who has designed several tarot decks of her own.

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She is also interested in fractal art and you may be seeing some of her fractal Che has recently completed a selection of short stories centered around the apocalypse, and is presently working on a novella. The Angel of the Barrier; a trickster archetype that stands between this world and the otherworld. The continuum that leads from the Chora, the seen, to the Hyche, the unseen; the world in the fullest sense, including the subtle influences that are often interpreted as paranormal or magick. Hychechora is Noumenal. Net's repository for articles, information and blogs pertaining to magick, divination and the paranormal.

Che Vaugh writes on Judge Floro and the 3 mystic dwarves. My thoughts on the matter. I share my home with a couple of spirits, some shadow people, some black blobs, one homunculus tulpa and a cat. I freely and publicly admit to practicing magick. Ive had clairvoyant experiences since I was five years old. I read tarot cards and have in the past practiced psychic healing. I would like to think all this does not mean Im insane, but to be sure, there are psychiatrists who would likely think otherwise.

After all, the term magical thinking is often used in the field of psychology to denote a symptom of a variety of mental illnesses. The field of psychiatry suffers from the same categorization and specialization that afflicts the rest of western medicine. Dis-ease is viewed as a list of symptoms and the whole self of the patient is not taken into consideration. Because of this,.

Being psychic does not mean you are insane. Of course, nor does being psychic mean youre not insane. In so-called enlightened societies which view such things with extreme skepticism, or in highly religious societies that view supernatural gifts as demonic, having psychic abilities can be very stressful.

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Some psychics hide their secret forever, and go about a nice quiet normal life. Some psychics prefer to see their intuitive abilities as coming from outside them, from god or an angel, or the flying spaghetti monster.

Some psychics become healers, teachers, gurus and helpers. Other use their abilities to take advantage of others and form cults. There is a myth popular among the fluffy new-age set that psychics are people who are vibrating at a higher and more compassionate level of consciousness. Never has a bigger load of crap been uttered. Psychic ability is like other creative abilities, its like art or music - some people are born with a talent for it, other people develop the talent, but usually its a combination of the two.

And just like musicians are no more wise or compassionate than everyone else, so psychics are no more wise and compassionate than anyone else. Ive known plenty of pissy artists and Ive known plenty of pissy psychics. Participation in any art, including the psychic art, has the potential to educate and enlighten the practitioner, but that doesnt mean it always does. I am in no position to ascertain whether Judge Floro is truly psychic, and in even less of a position to ascertain whether he is fit to perform his duties. I do know that I would not want to find myself in his courtroom, not because of any claims to psychic ability, but because of the extremity of his spiritual and religious beliefs.

A judge should, ideally, be objective, and Judge Floro claims that his beliefs do not effect his courtroom decisions. But here in the US, time and time again we see judges not only allowing their religious beliefs to effect their decisions, but actually being chosen because it is expected of them to allow their religious beliefs to effect their decisions.

Judges are no less human than the rest of us and all of us allow our beliefs to dictate our actions. I highly doubt Judge Floro is an exception. Judge Floro, like our own US president, claims that God put him into office. Such egotism - as we americans have seen - is a very dangerous thing for a person in power to have. People who believe their power is bestowed by God are far more likely to misuse that power, thinking themselves invulnerable to scrutiny, and to the checks and balances that should be a part of every system of power.

And I have to ask, if God really did want Judge Floro in office, then why did God not do more to prevent the judges removal from office? I also have to question the nature of any spirit guide who would inflict an innocent child with epilepsy as punishment for the alleged crimes of his mother. This is not wisdom. This is not guidance.

This is just nasty.

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But if, as Judge Floro claims, the guides were sent by the cruel. Of course, all of the above is just my personal opinion. Just because the judges beliefs differ from mine doesnt mean he should be dismissed from his job.