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Such good assets to have a good time and why not succumb to a crush or love at first sight around the 24th where, magnetic and passionate, you will have an idea in mind: to love and be loved! September: 1st decan: An intense beginning of the month where you will know how to use your talents wisely the 1st and will probably not lack things to do on the 2nd: with a zest and an outstanding determination you will get a considerable amount of work done and you will know how to impose on everyone!

At the end of the month, however, the sun invites you to team up, play together and pay attention to what you are told! Your ambitions are certainly legitimate but, in September, you are likely to upset your peers and colleagues if you serve your interests too ostensibly rather than those of the group. Then be careful of the critics! Especially as the situation tends to exalt your desire to achieve a personal ideal? Caution around the 21st where you could lose a sense of reality and find yourself in a bad position.

Try to fulfill your obligations and stay well aware of the ins and outs of your initiatives! You are moving forward and do not spare your efforts to participate in the common work and, casually, move the lines and start continue to understand what on the professional side and even in your life must evolve to really match your expectations! You have a formidable efficiency the 19th , however, make sure on the 26th not to jostle your partners!

October: 1st decan: You want to exploit your skills thoroughly, freely express your talents, and why not make the most profit? Be careful, however, to take kid gloves and not overflow the frame around the 7th and 12th. If you can count on Uranus to reveal your potential and make you want to do things differently then try not to require too much that we respond to your wishes pronto especially if it is to claim more resources, power, and money!

Ditto at the end of the month where you aspire to take advantage of your relationships and associations but where you risk asking for too much! You could be criticized for working harder to achieve your dreams than for fulfilling your obligations on the 7th and 27th. Beware of iron fists or dead ends. On the other hand, if you manage to combine discreet but effective strategy with availability, and a sense of duty, you will have more chances of winning the game without raising shields!

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The full moon on the 13th puts you center stage. The opportunity to shine and make others want to believe in you and relay your ambitions! Same thing on the 19th, the 5th and the 30th when you will know what to say and what to do to rally the votes in high places and transform what you touch November: 1st decan: Until the 9th, you have a potential of seduction that should help you defend your goals and push your limits! Take the opportunity to move forward and win votes around your ideas!

However, be careful at the end of the month not to require too much peremptory and not to use your credit to abuse your influence. Indeed, if your talents and your desire to reveal recent skills can help make you noticed, we will appreciate less your will to impose it or to use it to impose yourself among everyone or to make extravagant requests the 24th!

Instead, bet on your irresistible charm on the 28th to advocate your cause! Same thing around the 13th, 28th, and 30th when you should succeed in whatever you do if you connect to the right waves your flair, your intuition and your subtle understanding of the issues! You will be better inspired when you act with a sense of strategy, which will allow you to pass your requests and queries with more chance to see them accepted the 10th!

Then take advantage of your determination to go forward and openly express your ambitions the 12th. An openness to hope for, in November, where Jupiter greatly favors the realization of your ambitions around the 24th and where we hardly see who could resist your arguments and your charm! December: 1st decan: Jupiter comes from the 2nd to promote your professional ascension and should soon the 15th open you up to new perspectives.

Uranus, since early March, titillates your desire to express other potentials, change your tune, and awaken your powers? Count on Jupiter during this last month of the year to help you reveal them, exploit them, and make them a springboard to success!

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It is now or never to make sparks and be bold, with all the chances that your talents and daring are noticed and rewarded the 17th, 24th, 27th, and 30th! Happy new year! So rely on your power of seduction to maintain your popularity, enough to reassure your entourage the 11th.

You will be able to count on a beautiful striking force and a sharp intuition the 13th to serve your cause but also to meet your obligations and assume your responsibilities the 19th! Enough, without a doubt, that your existence finds meaning and is oriented in a direction that is more in line with the personal transformations that you go through!

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