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It's not only been a valuable addition to your other software but has spurred me on to further study and a quest for deeper understanding of Lilith, moon's nodes and other asteroids.

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I understand you're working on a minor square interpretation set and am most anxious for you to complete that. It's another facet of astrology that seems sorely lacking in other resources and one I believe would also be a great enhancement.

Astrology Program For Mac

The progressed Moon cycle is one of the most important facets of my astrological interpretations, corresponding to the evolutionary path of a person's lifetime. The progressed new moon is a seed beginning, the first quarter a crisis in action, the full moon a transformation of consciousness, and the last quarter a crisis in consciousness. The Sabian symbols for the progressed new and full moons in particular symbolize guiding principles in a person's life. I've been using AstrolDeluxe for many years and am thrilled that Halloran Software is now including the progressed lunation cycle calculations in its software package, since trying to determine the day of each lunation otherwise is a tedious procedure of repeatedly guessing and recalculating.

With this addition to an excellent software program, I recommend AstrolDeluxe even more highly than I have in the past. Tracy Marks, M. John, AstroDeluxe Platium sounds very exciting. I would like to purchase the beta software and be a part of the beta testing.

I have been working with Lorin Baker for several years and at his recommendation have been using your software, which is exceptional. This addition to AstroDeluxe will fill this need. The new feature that allows search for planets in aspect is also a welcome addition. I have been using Crystal Reports to do this type of search from an Access database ephemeris, which is just a "make-shift workaround".

I love your product. I've tried other astrology programs from time to time on other people's computer, but always prefer yours.

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I originally got it because it was so much cheaper than others. I don't think I would have got any at all if not for the price as Astrodienst is free online. But I'm glad I did. It has capabilities that other programs don't, and I know you've researched much of the data yourself. It's too bad that other people assume it's not as good just based on the price.

So it's a conundrum - you may be chasing some people away by the higher price too. I shall continue to upgrade from time to time and stay with Astrol Deluxe, just because it's such a great program. Hoping these changes are timely for you, the new price is definitely appropriate and value for money. Obviously AstrolDeluxe shows good breeding, qualified and consistently reliable performance, and a big heart for the hard yards and the long run. No reward necessary. Your fine program is the reward. I still encourage anyone who asks about the one to go to. My commitment to Winastro is the only reason I mess around with the PC stuff.

While I am still learning about its many features, it is far better than any previous software that I have used before. Best Wishes, Mike Salter [in England]. I've been using John Halloran's software since , quite awhile before it was a full blown report writer. I bought [brand S] at the same time but I didn't find it as easy or as fun to use.

I never upgraded [brand S] but I've always upgraded AstrolDeluxe, despite the fact that three of the four professional astrologers I've consulted with all well known members of the AFA tried to convince me to use [brand K]. The only one that didn't try to convince me to use [brand K] knew John, and told me his program was excellent after all, John is a Capricorn.

My clients have always been absolutely delighted with the reports I've given them. They're awed by the accuracy and they love the color graphics. I have all of John's professional interpretation programs. I just received the program for aspect patterns and I'm completely blown away by how accurate the descriptions are. It's like you've lived inside my body and experienced my life. I love John's hands-on approach to support.

When I first called for support many years ago, I wasn't expecting to actually get John on the phone. I just assumed I'd get the usual technical support you get when you call a support phone number. John has personally helped me many times, both by phone and email, even when the problem turned out to be a problem with my operating system and not his software. I truly believe that AstrolDeluxe is the best astrology software you can buy. I've spent quite a bit of money over the past 13 years, but John's programs and support are worth far more than what I've spent.

Don't waste your money on other programs. You'll be sorry you did, and you'll be absolutely delighted when you buy AstrolDeluxe. I have been using Halloran's astrology software since The program keeps getting better with each upgrade! I am really impressed with the new option to generate a report for aspect patterns as this feature further helps individualize interpretation reports.

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I practiced using this option with my natal chart to start with, and I really like the interpretation report. Good job and thanks for providing this option! I am truly satisfied with the Solar Return Reports and the insights I can now depend on for the year. I've just recently met another very serious Astrology hobbyist, so I'm giving your site info to her, as we were discussing her need for a GOOD software program to run charts. Every professional astrologer I've come into contact with uses YOUR software to calculate their clients charts.

Thought you'd like to know! Thank you so much for your prompt service once again. The program arrived this morning - already loaded into the system. Just amazing. I feel like my life is complete again now I have this back. Your programmes still amaze me with the ease to navigate.

I suppose we tend to take this for granted when we have had the pleasure of working with your software for over 15 years. Thank you for shipping our order so quickly. Linda's birthday is not until March 27th. I was hoping she would get her Report Writer early so she could be looking at her solar return before that. She did. Your shipment only took 2 days to go coast to coast. I installed it on Saturday and she started using it right away.

I was amazed at how quickly she was in the middle of it. I was also very impressed that all of her data from Astrology for windows 2. She is really enjoying her new program. Thanks again! I should add that she said your program is really intuitive and easy to use. Nice talking to you! I've installed AstrolDeluxe 6. Please, keep me informed on any new release.

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I've tested many other astro programs. AstrolDeluxe is surely the best one, even in order to its price. It is vunderbar!!


It is actually better than I knew. I don't do money - I only spend it. But anyway Are these available? I would like to order them if they are. The Kid Zone reports can now be ordered through this web site.

I really love your program. It is so clear and easy to decipher that I end up using it more frequently than the other more expensive programs I have purchased. I just wanted to send a note to thank you for the excellent astrology program you have put together. We have AstrolDeluxe 5, plus the natal report writer, transits and progressions. We are delighted with the ease and simplicity of using your programs. We are additionally impressed with the latest update - both the notification and ease of installation.